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Yuwamarine is a company specially estabilished top serve the international industriy in the supply of ship’s personnel. For this future, the company has designed it’s operation with perfect and punctual services” to it’s principals, it cooperation closely with all parties involve in the industry, special focus is directed to the education and training field in order to be able to supply the best qualified seaferers, although the company is considered young in the industry, at quickly reached a place as one of most responsible company supplying seafarers to international maritime industry.


Crewing Recruitment

To take the first step in the employment of indonesia seafarers or worker will involve the employment of those who can fill the job well,this means getting good qulified worker. But this step in only the first part of the business of running an effective organization. However, is it a very important part. When we are appointed to recruit seafarers or worker for you company, we will be very selective in the search of seafarers or worker to be omployees, what we are going to do is to avoid wrong selection detection which can be very expensive.  We will put a premium on careful and systematic recruitment and selection.Will pick the right for the job they has pay off for both employer and employees.

How we are going to perform our selection? Consideration is stressed on the deception making of people you require. We will take three important steps for these purpose. First it will be job analysis. This is the foundation stone of successful manpower selection.This will be the procces of collecting and than analyzing about the job. This information include the context in which the job is performance and the task and responsibility involve.The gives the basis for the job description.

Further will be job description. Invaluable step in the selection process. This is to set our what the job detail and so gives glues as to what sort and manpower would be suitable for the job.In the recruiting process this will be informed and the candidates enabling for the job.Inthe recruiting process this will be informed and the cadidates anabling them to see if it fits their ability,skills,experience and ambitions. The next step would be decoding what sort of manpower to look for that will have to pass our teams and connection with pysical conditions,age,attitude,interest,intelligence,dissipation and circumstance. Along the hole process our company wall consult that will would be employerson every aspect. Involvement of Employers representative are welcome as are practicing the deception making to employer together with employers through their representative. The employers will have the freedom to decide themselves the manpower to be employed. Their decide should be easily made as we made prelyminary tight selection of candidate so as to only the best ones will be submitted to the employer for the final deck.

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